Disclosure Statement

MyCreditStrategy.com is not a typical credit repair firm. A credit repair company specializes in the correction of negative information on a consumer’s credit file. Our company specializes in the addition of positive information. If you wish to have negative information corrected on your file, please consult with a credit repair firm.

You have consumer credit rights under both Federal and State laws.

Affiliate disclosure

Owners, employees or agents from mycreditstrategy.com do, from time to time, make referral recommendations by directing our site visitors, clients, and/or prospects to companies who meet our rigorous standards for high quality customer service and ethical business practices, and whose services are complimentary and relative to our own. We will do this on a very limited basis because each affiliate/recommended company will be highly scrutinized in every way possible to ensure that desired results are nothing less than stellar. We do not, and cannot, however, guarantee the services of these companies and in no way do we make assertions to the contrary. Therefore, all site visitors, clients, and/or prospects agree to hold mycreditstrategy.com and its partners, owners, employees and agents harmless for any and all actions taken by our recommended companies/affiliates.

In addition, let it be made very clear that the owners/operators of mycreditstrategy.com may make a small commission for the referral of business to these companies.

Upd: 2016-03-10