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What is a seasoned tradeline?

It is a tradeline that has some payment history. The length of the payment history determines how well “seasoned” it is. All of our tradelines are seasoned and some have had perfect payment history for 25 years or more!

How much do tradelines cost?

The price of tradelines depends upon the credit limit and the age of the line of credit. The better question to ask is “How much do I need to raise my score to achieve my credit goals?” We can help you answer this question during our free credit consultation.

How much does your service cost?

To determine if tradelines can help your situation, we at need to evaluate your credit goals and analyze your current credit reports. We provide this service and give advice to you for free. Once an effective solution has been determined, we will give you a price only if we feel a tradeline will help you obtain your credit goals. Typical tradelines range from $500 to $1200. This may seem like a substantial amount of money, but it is likely very small in relation to what you could save when obtaining a loan with a better credit score.

When can I expect to see my increased score?

Each tradeline reports once per month to the credit bureaus, at the end of the billing cycle. Once you are added as an authorized user to an account, the tradeline will post to your credit reports a few days after the current billing cycle ends. This could be anywhere from about 5 to 35 days. At, we assign tradelines based on purchase date and closing date, to minimize the amount of time it takes for our customers to see improved credit scores.

How much will my credit score increase if I use your service?

During the free consultation that we provide we will need to review your credit reports. Once we evaluate your reports and understand your goals we can determine the best course of action based on your credit goals. We have helped people that resulted in modest increases and we have raised scores over 200 points. Every individual situation is unique and we treat you that way!

What is a primary tradeline?

The term primary tradeline simply means a line of credit that is yours. You are the primary cardholder of a credit card account if it was opened by you in your name.

Does an “Authorized User” tradeline raise my score as much as if I had the credit in my name only? 

The answer to this depends on what is showing on your credit report. Give us a call to discuss it in detail during your free consultation.

How do I choose the right company to work with to help increase my credit score?

We recommend that you work with a company that you are comfortable with. Use a company that has a good track record and treats you with courtesy and respect.

How do you add credit tradelines to my credit report? has a large portfolio of credit card tradelines ready and waiting to be used on your credit report. We offer a free consultation so that we can thoroughly understand your credit history and your credit goals. That way you only purchase the tradelines necessary to achieve your credit goals.

What is a credit tradeline?

The term credit tradeline is synonymous with tradeline or credit card tradeline. It is simply a line of credit that the grantor reports to a credit bureau. At we use only credit card tradelines, and only those that have had all payments made on time, to provide our customers with the best possible results.


Does this really work?

Absolutely! It works, and can very quickly raise credit scores substantially if you have the right credit profile. Read some of our testimonials.

What is a tradeline?

A tradeline is simply a line of credit that the grantor reports to a credit bureau. At we use only credit card tradelines, and only those that have had all payments made on time, to provide our customers with the best possible results.